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What is a Mystery Shopper Scam?

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on September 1, 2011 - 4:16 am (374 views — 371 words)

Are you curious to know what an online mystery shopper scam looks like? Well, look no more! This scam was attached to an odd letter and a check of $4,200. This is one of many scams known as a wire transfer scam. The scam attempts to trick the mystery shopper into cashing the check into a bank. When the check is cashed, the is sent to the scammer. A few weeks later, the victim will have a note saying that the check was fraudulent.The victim is obligated by law to repay the bank the in full.

People continue to fall for these scams no matter how many times we warn them. It is advisable to tell your family and friends what kind of scams there are on the internet and to warn them about the possible situations they can fall into.

You should be aware that there are scams even in the UK, US, and Canada.This is what one of the scams look like:

They try to assign you with a task that they pay in advance. But instead of just receiving the normal amount of money needed to perform the task, the money given to you is ridiculous. The scammer will then request that you return the excess money. When you have sent the money back to the scammer, it is then that you realize that the payment given to you was actually a fake. Western Union is the biggest tool used by scammers to do their business.

The term used to coin this type of scam is the ‘Advance Fee’ scam. There is an identical scam implemented in the UK that makes use of used cars.

Mystery Shoppers Ltd is a site for mystery shoppers that pays its clients quickly.Scammers have been able to take the site’s logo and use it to assist their scams.The scammers include their fake address in the e-mails they use to scam others with.

Here are a few simple ways to avoid being scammed:

Anybody has the ability to post advertisements online. This includes scammers.

Scammers are able to create official-sounding names. Do not pay a company for your service. If the company needs your services then they will be the one paying you.