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What is a Tension Headache? Symptoms & Remedies.

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 14, 2011 - 1:48 am (3667 views — 392 words)

The International Headache Society classified tensions headache as one of the most familiar type of headache that affects many individuals. Tension headache usually starts as a slight pain but it can be severe in a few hours much like having a tight band in your head.Once you feel tension headache, it is highly likely that you would lose track of what you're doing. Even during adolescence, people feel tension headache but it becomes more common to age group between 20-50 yrs old. It is very important to learn what is a tension headache so people can find ways to manage the pain when it happens.
Basically, there are two kinds of tension headache: chronic or episodic according to emedicine. The two types can be mainly differentiated by determining length of episode. Episodic tension headache occurs for no more than 15 days a month so this is less frequent. On the contrary, chronic tension headache frequently occurs sometimes as much as more than 15 days and lasting 6 months. This kind of tension headache is really unbearable since people feel miserable brought by non-stop pain for at least 4 hours.So to gain more understanding of what is a tension headache, have your doctor check the type of tension headache that afflicts you.
Part of learning what is a tension headache is knowing the factors behind the condition.Tension headache can be caused by any of the following factors :

* Stress
* Inadequate sleep
* Wrong posture or position for a long period
* Hunger (Low blood sugar)
* Dehydration
* Caffeine Withdrawal
* Too much strain on the eyes

For a long time, doctors thought muscle contractions on the face, neck and scalp are causes of tension headache. Even stressful situations or extreme emotions can lead to contractions. Later, various theories such as heightened sensitivity to pain by some individuals lead to tension headache in individuals. Doctors often determine the possible source of pain from the given factors so they can make a correct diagnosis. If the headache is caused by hunger or lack of sleep, then the person is advised to rest and eat properly. In cases where stress maybe the cause,various stress management techniques like meditation or Pilates is a good alternative. The more people get enlightened about what is a tension headache, the better they can cope with the pain.