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About | Chronic Tension Headaches 101

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 16, 2011 - 2:02 am (3621 views — 790 words)

There are two main types of tension headache, namely: chronic and episodic.A tension headache is classified as episodic when its frequency does not exceed for more than 15 days in a month. If the frequency of the episodic headache lasts for more than two weeks,it becomes a chronic tension headache. The life of a person suffering from chronic tension headache is not easy due to the frequent pain. Not all times pain from chronic tension headache is severe; yet, it still very inconvenient to feel pain while doing daily tasks.It is but usual to expect reduced productivity in tasks such as reading, calculating or using the computer which is often part of desk jobs.Patient UK, a medical website that disseminates health information, states that chronic tension headache happens to 3 out of 100 adults . Yet, the very factor that triggers the health problem is not that clear even for doctors. Tension can be one major cause of the condition. This explains why 'tension-type headache" is a more correct term than tension headache. In fact, chronic tension headache can suddenly develop anytime. Possible causes of this condition are:

* Emotional tension, anxiety, tiredness or stress

* Physical tension in the muscles of the scalp and neck.Case in point, office workers with bad posture would develop tense muscles in the neck over time. People should avoid squinting their eyes while reading so as not to cause tension in scalp muscles.

* Physical factors - extreme temperature, noise, and bright lights

Remarkably, these are just probable cause for chronic tension headache. One of the best steps in getting a right diagnosis is seeking a doctor's advise who can fully examine the muscles around the head and neck. Sometimes, doctors would require additional laboratory tests. There are also some studies that point out to heredity as a factor. If this condition is viewed as a biological factor, then people can be sick anytime when any of the stressors are present in the environment. The best remedy for this situation then is to seek relief from pain that can be alleviated by alternative therapy like massage. There are also some people who simply take OTC ( over the counter medicine ) which can be harmful in the long run. Instead, try seeking more natural remedies which can even provide safer solutions.

Different measures to relieve muscle tension headache

Sometimes a cold glass of water can relieve a muscle tension headache. There are other remedies available that will reduce the pain of the muscle tension headaches as well as prevent them from coming back. The list below is your key to relieving your muscle tension headache.

Relaxation techniques available to relieve muscle tension headache
Studies from the University of Maryland Medical Center say Yoga and meditation can help cure a muscle tension headache. A Muscle tension headache can be reduced by performing Yoga and simple meditation, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. In order to reduce muscle tension these techniques could be used. You can also relax your muscles by keeping a good posture. In addition, good posture is known to relieve muscle tension. One could also use Biofeedback to for relief. Another cure for muscle tension is to use biofeedback because the process it uses helps relax the muscles.

Only take drugs that you can buy at a pharmacy twice a day, warns the UMMC If you drink too much medication the headaches tend to come back. If these drugs do not relieve your headache consider a prescription from your local doctor.

Foods that trigger muscle tension
According to the UMMC, there are certain foods that cause headaches when ingested. Due to peoples’ variability, nobody can be sure about which foods will induce a muscle tension headache.To find the foods that induce a muscle tension headache remove foods from your diet until you no longer get headaches. Frequent causes of headaches include Chocolate, peanut butter, caffeinated goods, citrus fruits, and foods that have monosodium glutamate.

Relief from herbal remedies
There are herbs that are sure to cure these headaches. Applying peppermint oils to the forehead is one way to cure headaches, says the UMMC. Tiger balm is also an applicable ointment to reduce pain. There is an ointment called Feverfew that can relieve headaches caused by muscle tension but it is also known to cause bleeding. Because of the risks, this ointment should not be used by pregnant women or women with newborn children.

Hot and Cold therapy
You could relieve headaches by putting a heat pad, heated bottle, or other products that produce heat on the back of your head and on your upper-back. Another way is to place an ice pack in a towel and place it on the forehead.