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Loss Of Bone Density Among Children

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:07 am (410 views — 365 words)

A young boy clad in his favorite badminton outfit and his feet secured from slipping in a pair of rubber shoes effortlessly glide across the indoor court to whack the airborne shuttlecock with a light-as-a feather racket held tightly by his excited fingers. Just as he landed, his ecstatic smile was immediately wiped out and instead transformed into a look of pain. What just happened is a fracture that is caused by low bone density smashing the very young dreams of a wee boy. No one is spared when loss of bone density strikes.

Loss of bone density is as real as it gets for young people. Children need a balanced diet that contains all the vital nutrients in right quantities to enable their bodies to develop properly. Children need many important vital nutrients so that their growing bodies will continue to develop and the functions not impaired and sustained. Sadly, there is too much emphasis being given to the roles of carbohydrates, proteins and oils and very little on the importance of vitamin D, calcium and other bone-building nutrients. These nutrients are similarly valuable in order to have healthy bones not to mention the importance of exposure to sunlight for their young bodies to manufacture vitamin D.

It is also imperative that children get enough activity and exercise to work out muscles and bones on top of dietary compliance. It is not actually surprising to note that lack of exercise can lead to atrophy while increased use and exercise of any body part leads to its optimized development; that is a tenet that all living things live with. Children’s cases of low bone density is now being addressed by intensified calcium uptake and an exercise regimen that gets more and more rigorous with time.

Children and their plights related to loss of bone density must be a concern worth attending to as fracture risks can really terminate their young ambitions. The case is curable and effects reversible if detected early medical intervention plan is appropriate. What must be remembered is that there is hope to reverse effects, and better still a hope to pursue dreams if the intervention plan is seriously followed with dedication.