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Natural Ways To Increase Bone Density

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:07 am (838 views — 394 words)

Science and technology radically brought us to various ages and pages of the history. Are we done with the search? After all these, it seems that going back to what is natural has started to regain footing as people realize the comforts that it brings. The science of healing has even brought together alternative medicine and science to be able to combine the best of both worlds. What is rather unusual is the manner by which we call the natural, traditional and early practices as alternative.

Bone loss is another area where the thinning bone density is being addressed using natural methods to increase bone density naturally. Natural methods are sought to augment the standard procedures and protocols and in a way respond to demands and clamor for more natural solutions integrated into advanced methods. Nonetheless, it would be important to select products and services with care because scams have invaded the market owing to the rampant demand for natural solutions.

Since having a poor diet seems to be one of most common causes of bone loss, it could be the ideal starting point in addressing the condition. It is a fact that calcium and vitamin D deficiencies are pretty much the underlying dietary reasons for bone loss. Hence, eating food rich or fortified with these would greatly help to increase bone density naturally. Foods that are naturally laden with vitamin D are fish,fish oils, and eggs; likewise, eggs and calcium are found richly in dairy products such as milk, and yoghurt. For the human bodies to manufacture vitamin D, exposure to the sun would be a requirement. Though leafy vegetables are known to have dietary benefits, it may be good to consume them in moderation as they are known to contain oxalic acid that prevent the absorption of calcium similar to caffeine. On the contrary, those foods known to contain phytates and phytic acid that improve calcium absorption must be included in the diet of people with bone loss conditions.

Inclusion of regular exercise will also be significant in the natural method of treating bone loss. To foster strength in muscles and bones, as well as to improve the bone density of people facing high fracture risks, it is recommended to include weight and resistance training.

Why worry about the expensive ways of medicine when inexpensive, even free solutions are at our disposal?