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What Is Bone Density Loss And Its Effects On Males

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:08 am (475 views — 411 words)

Men have always been held high in the society because of his superiority in strength compared to women. History testifies how more physically demanding work and missions were placed upon their shoulders because of their sheer strength. In actuality, men too can suffer from bone density loss and even osteoporosis.

What is bone density loss and in what ways are men affected by it? Age has a horrendous impact on bone loss in men and this is called aging or senile osteoporosis. Baffling cases of bone density loss for men with ages below 70 are usually related to idiopathic osteoporosis. Various factors can be related to this condition like hormonal complications, exposure to therapeutic or illegal drugs, unhealthy habits and lifestyle, occurring and chronic diseases, among others. With osteoporosis causing the deterioration of the bones, the possibilities of having fractures and other bone-related injuries loom over their heads. Men on the lookout for signs of low bone density must consider fractures as a first sign.

What is bone density loss and how does it happen? It is actually triggered by having insufficient calcium and vitamin D. In order for the huge body structures of men can be maintained, bone cells must be massively destroyed to give room to massively produced bone cells by the osteoclasts and osteoblasts respectively. In order to keep the bone destroying and bone manufacturing tissues functioning normally, it is essential that the nutrients needed are available in adequate quantities through a special diet.

The male sexual hormone called testosterone must be in sufficient levels too as its inadequacy can trigger osteoporosis in men. Part of the testosterone is transformed to estrogen which is identical to female estrogen. The quality of bone mass is sustained by estrogen in both men and women. Estrogen incredibly sustains the massiveness of the body structures of men even if it exists in low levels. Men receiving testosterone replacement can be satisfied as it will help in keeping and maintaining the male body form except that it is still not clear how much of the testosterone will be converted to estrogen that similarly helps in maintaining the male physique.

What is bone density loss in men and what must be done about it? Bone density loss is as damaging as it is in women and kids who have it. Men who care about health and quality life must take bone loss seriously so he can maintain the respect he enjoyed since time immemorial.