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Simple Facts About Coronary Heart Disease

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:11 am (432 views — 385 words)

Heart disease is a notorious disease that kills millions of people around the world. Annually, 25% of the mortality rate in the United States alone can be attributed to heart disease, and the number of casualties just keeps growing. More often than not, coronary heart disease or CHD is the main cause of all the heart disease deaths in the U.S. CHD symptoms are very tolerable which is why some people tend to disregard it, this is why this disease was branded as a silent killer. Majority of heart attack victims were unaware of their condition until the incident happened. This is enough reason to believe that coronary heart disease must be dealt with a proactive attitude.

Those who are at high risk of acquiring coronary heart disease should stop avoiding it and make effort to address this condition. This is the very reason all of us must know the current standing of our heart condition. Here are some pointers that can be very helpful in avoiding this disease.

1. Have regular check-ups. Some people believe that as long as nothing alarming is felt within our bodies, everything is all good. This is a wrong way of treating this disease. Heart disease can start working on your system even at a young age, which eventually develops as the years go by. This is why it’s highly recommendable to have yourself checked in order to find out where you stand against this disease.

2. Start living healthy. Eating healthy food, working out a lot and getting ample amount of sleep keeps the body in top condition. These three components allow your body to be in top condition for it to be able to fight of potential diseases and handle the daily stress of life.

3. Take proper medication. If you are supposed to drink a maintenance drug, make sure you do it religiously. Just because you feel better or the symptoms are no longer prominent, doesn’t mean that you should stop taking it. Moreover, there are other supplements that can help fight off coronary heart disease by helping the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Being proactive is the only sure way we can fight coronary heart disease. So follow these tips and do your part to prevent yourself from being a victim of this dreaded disease.