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What Is Heart Disease And How Can We Prevent It

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:11 am (423 views — 409 words)

What is heart disease and how can we prevent it from happening? Heart disease encompasses all types of heart conditions. Many dread this disease because it kills more men and women than any other type of disease, contributing more than a quarter of all deaths in the United States. If this is the case, what is heart disease and what must be done to avoid it? More often than not, this disease is triggered by abusive lifestyles and high-fat diets. These are the two culprits behind numerous cases of heart disease. The next question should be – what is heart disease capable of doing to us? Someone who is diagnosed with heart disease has an increased risk of experiencing a heart attack and is also predisposed to other heart-related ailments.

The good news is -this condition can be prevented from happening. Since this disease actually starts when you are at a young age, it is highly recommended that people start watching what they eat as early as possible.
One thing you can do is to stay away from fast food. The growing demand for fast food joints in the U.S. can only mean that Americans continue to embrace one of the underlying causes of heart disease. This may be attributed to the fact that many Americans value their time, which leads them to believe that ordering food and eating it should happen only within a few minutes. This is not a bad thing at all, however, the only types of restaurants that are able to cater to this fast paced life are fast food joints. Fast food items are usually high in unsaturated fat which directly affects cholesterol levels and high levels of which can lead to numerous heart conditions.

Eat foods that are high in omega-3 and fiber, this is one way of counteracting the damage done by all the fast food items you’ve consumed over the years. Eating these kinds of foods on a regular basis can greatly lower cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and eventually decrease risk of acquiring heart disease. It would also be good to keep away from instant food for they too have the capability of raising cholesterol levels in the blood. Don’t let the fast-food nation fool you into thinking that it’s all right to foster a fast-food diet.

If in ncase someone asks you what is heart disease, you can be confident that you will know what to answer that person.