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A Comprehensive Study On The Stages OF Pregnancy By Week

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:17 am (464 views — 424 words)

Much importance is given to pregnancy as soon as a woman conceives. The average period of pregnancy is usually 40 weeks and that would begin from the first day of the last day of her menstruation. Monitoring pregnancy week by week is very essential in determining the growth and development of the baby inside the womb. Essentially, gestational period consists of three trimesters.

1st Trimester:
Conception. In this phase the egg is being fertilized by the sperm.
1st Week. This is part of the 40 weeks of gestational period.
2nd Week. This is the fertilization phase of the ovum by the sperm.
Week-3. There would be division of a single cell into two. This will then be divided into 16 cells. The cell would go to the fallopian tube and to the uterus. Seven days after the fertilization period, the zygote would go through the uterine linings. The zygote will become blastocyst afterwards.
Week-4. Blastocyst is smaller than the grain of rice. The rapid dividing cells make the body system formation.
Week 5. The neural tube formed the brain and spinal cord.
Week 6. It is now an embryo. It secretes hormones that stop the mother from menstruation.
Week 7. Amniotic fluid and placenta develop and the hearts begin to beat.
8th Week. The spinal cord grows and appears like a tail.
Week-9. The tongue, mouth, and eyes develop. The liver produces blood cells.
10th Week. The embryo is now a fetus. All of the body organs are developed. The brain is now active.
Week-11. Heart continues to perform normal functions.

2nd Trimester:
Week 12. The fingers and toes are identifiable. In this phase, maternal blood test and ultrasound are very much recommended.
Week 13. The fetus is now active and energetic.
Week-14. The eyes and the eyelids are fully formed and developed.
Week 16. Maternal serum screening must be done regularly to detect any birth defects and abnormalities.
20th Week. The ears are functioning. The gender of the baby can now be detected with an ultrasound.
Week-24. Its skin has protective by a layer (vernix) and fine hair (lanugo).

Third Three Trimester:
Week 28. The head and body of the fetus is now proportionate in size.
Week-32. Its motions inside the womb is now strong and coordinated.
Week-36. It already heads downs to the pelvis for its delivery.
40th Week. The baby is ready to be born.

Now you already have a glimpse on how the pregnancy week by week occurs. It still advice to visit your obstetrician for more details and support.