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First Trimester Pregnancy - What Are The Common Signs And Symptoms.

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:17 am (412 views — 411 words)

Being pregnant is one of the joys of every couple and a special moment in a woman's life. Pregnancy occurs when there is growth and development of a fetus inside the woman's womb. With the presence of pregnancy signs, the woman may feel drastic changes in her body and emotional well-being. It is necessary to check with the doctors especially if the woman may not even know what are the normal and abnormal signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Enumerated below are the common first trimester pregnancy symptoms.

•Fatigue and Tiredness. Most of the time, the blood supply and oxygenation of the pregnant women is directed towards the fetus for its growth and development. With that, it reduces the blood flow to the brain thus would result to dizziness and sometimes exhuastion.

•Morning Sickness. This is usually associated with vomiting and nausea which most of the pregnant women experience especially during the first trimester. In some cases, it could be longer until six months, which is not already normal.

•Breasts Enlargement. The estrogen and progesterone are the two hormones responsible for the the reproductive system of the woman; these may gradually have increased levels, thus causing several hormonal imbalances. Breast enlargement and tenderness is one of the changes that pregnant women may experience, but this is for the breastfeeding purposes.

•Increase Urinary Urgency. This is among the common first trimester pregnancy signs experienced by most women. It is certain that when the fetus grows, it compresses the woman's bladder. So, the woman may experience the need to urinate frequently.

•Constipation. One of the common first trimester pregnancy symptoms which every pregnant woman may experience is difficulty in defecation. This occurs during pregnancy because of the excess production of progesterone which relaxes the intestinal muscles;thus, this makes defecation difficult.

•Food Cravings. The pregnant woman might suddenly develop immediate food cravings or a sudden dislike for some food, throughout the first trimester of pregnancy.

•Mood Swings. Due to the hormonal changes during the pregnancy period, the levels of the serotonin in the brain may get affected that lead to changes in the pregnant woman's mood.

First trimester pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to another. Many women may experienced several symptoms mentioned earlier, but there are also some of them don't even have a single sign of pregnancy. Consulting a health care practitioner is very much recommended in order to have a safe delivery, at the same time ,avoid any complications in the near future.