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The Significance Of Pregnancy Calculator In Labor And Delivery

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:17 am (471 views — 349 words)

Pregnancy calculator has been frequently used nowadays to discern the date of ovulation period and at the same the due date for and delivery of the baby. Actually, pregnancy calculator is very helpful in knowing the different pregnancy stages. The calculation depends on the last menstrual cycle and the estimated date of conception of the mother. A lot of mothers-to-be understand the progression of pregnancy, labor and delivery since a lot of them make use of the pregnancy calculator tool.

Pregnancy calculator is just a close estimation of due date, but it is not a medical confirmation that the woman is would deliver on such date. Pregnancy calculator is mainly used for the purpose of calculating the expected date of delivery and other significant dates in stages of pregnancy.

As what was mentioned awhile ago, pregnancy calculators are important in computing the baby's gestational age. Many doctors today make use of the pregnancy calculator to identify the dates of conception, the age of the baby inside the womb of the mother, and the due dates for labor and delivery.

Today, you can make use of online pregnancy calculators that are available for free. You can use the online pregnancy calculator by entering the date of your last menstruation period and the days of your menstrual cycle, then simply click the compute button.

As part of the antenatal care, your doctor might as well recommend you to undergo an ultrasound since it would give you more precise date for your baby's birth. Both the mother and the baby would undergo 38-42 weeks of gestation before labor and delivery will takes place.

Pregnancy calculators are not one hundred percent accurate in its results, but they give you an idea on when your baby will be born. Indeed, pregnancy calculators are really essential for pregnant women since it gives them the idea on when they are going to prepare for the coming of their little angel. With that, you can be more ready physically, emotionally, and mentally for that important day. Great thanks to pregnancy calculators, they really help excited pregnant women.