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Understanding The Stages Of Pregnancy

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:17 am (433 views — 387 words)

During the pregnancy period, the woman may experience several changes in her body. Before labor and delivery, the pregnant mother and the baby inside her womb have to go through three trimesters. The stages of pregnancy consist of three months in one trimester. Read on the following stages of pregnancy week by week below.

First Trimester
Week 1 - Week 7
•Head, elbows,chest, shoulders,abdomen, hips, and knees and start to formed.
•The eyes and ears formed.
•Outlines of the mouth and jaws developed.
•Spine is flexible.
•Arms, legs, fingers and toes start to develop.
•Lungs are also developed.
•Intestinal organs slowy form.
•Internal organs are forming.

8th to 12th Week
•Development of the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth continues.
•The heart begins its functions.
•The legs, feet, arms, and hands continue to grow faster.
•Internal organs start to function.

Week 13 - Week 16
•Eyelashes and eyebrows are developed completely.
•The heartbeat of the fetus can be auscultated with the use of Doppler and observed with an ultrasound.
•Fetus' weight becomes heavy as it doubles.
•Muscles of the arms and legs are stronger.

The Second Trimester
17th -20th Week
•The baby inside the womb continues to grow.
•Rapid development of the muscles and its strength.
•Lanugo or very fine hair is present.

Week 21 - Week 24
•Growth and development is fast.
•Sucking their thumbs is seen in the ultrasound.

25th to 29th Week
The lungs are now mature.
•Fat accumulation starts to form.
•Vernix, a protective layer coats the skin of the baby.

The 3rd Trimester
Week 30 - Week 40
•Vernix starts to disappear during this phase.
•They can close and open their eyes
•The baby heads down already (unless the baby is in breech position).
•The head and the body of the baby is now proportional.

So, these are the different the stages of pregnancy. It is really important for us to know the stages of pregnancy and how it affects both the infant and the mother. The expectant mother must be prepared and go to the hospital nearby especially if there are already abdominal contractions not more than five minutes, or if the bag of water ruptures. It is essential as well to let the mother and baby to have their time together in order for them to establish rapport and strong relationship.