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What To Expect On Second Pregnancy

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:17 am (445 views — 387 words)

The symptoms felt by the mothers during their first and second pregnancy is not entirely different from one another. There are several emotional and physical symptoms during second pregnancy, which did not manifest during first pregnancy. You can read on the following second pregnancy symptoms below which majority of pregnant women experience all throughout the period.

•Breast tenderness or enlargement is among the common manifestation that many women experienced during second pregnancy. You may noticed that you will be having tenderness and painful sensation in your breasts.
•Most of pregnant women may also experience exhaustion and tiredness. Pregnant women may become tired and exhausted since they don't have sufficient rest and sleep all throughout their second pregnancy.
•Another common symptom which also occurs during first pregnancy is morning sickness. They may have nausea, dizziness, headache, and vomiting during early morning after they wake up.
•Other common signs and symptoms may consists of food cravings, vaginal spotting, abdominal cramping, constipation, and frequent urination.

Though the symptoms would remain the same, you're likely to discern certain changes throughout the second pregnancy. Not like with the first pregnancy, majority of the second-time moms would notice at an earlier time movements of the baby in their womb. This is for the reason that the uterus of the mothers were already extended during their first pregnancy. And because of this reason, most of them need to wear maternity dresses or loose clothing after the first pregnancy. Weight gain is definitely among the common signs exhiited during second pregnancy.

Also, there is a difference in second pregnancy in terms of labor and childbirth. It has been noticed that the phase and the time period is much shorter as compared to the first one. This essentially occurs because most mothers who had their second pregnancy already have a low uterine segment, and their body is capable enough to manage the labor and childbirth process that's why it is easier for them to go through it. However, most of the women may feel severe pain than their first labor and delivery. Sometimes, the doctor prescribes analgesics for pain relief.

Therefore, it is essential to have your second pregnancy still be checked by your obstetrician for you to be aware on the differences and the needs you have to take
for you and your baby's health.