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Top Ten Best TENS Units - 10 Units From Empi Epix VT to LG 7000

Author J. Davis. Published on May 21, 2011 - 2:46 pm (35748 views — 1333 words)

TENS stands for (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). which are primarily used for nerve related pain conditions (acute and chronic conditions). It works by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands. The stimulating pulses help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. They also help stimulate your body to produce higher levels of its own natural painkillers, called "Endorphins".

Below you will find a list of the top 10 best tens units on the market today.

10- Empi Epix VT
This device offers a simple-to-use dual channel design. The combined constant voltage, constant current waveform provides a stimulus that is strong, yet comfortable for the user. As a result, doctors can prescribe a therapy program with enhanced potential for long term success.
The waveform, exclusive among TENS devices, also provides an extra measure of patient safety. In the event an electrode pad accidentally falls off of an Epix VT device, the stimulus will stop, and the patient will not feel any discomfort. Greater patient comfort and confidence in their TENS device translate into improved patient compliance, improved outcomes, and less need for other pain relieving products and services.
The device offers twelve programmed treatment options so patients can easily select which one is most effective for them. These units offer Superior quality because EMPI knows patients use their TENS devices during numerous activities throughout the day so quality is very important to them so these devices offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labor in the U.S. and Canada. The warranty period is three years in other countries. Price: $159

9- Comffit TENS Unit
With its large digital display reading and changing the settings is very easy and with the analog knobs on the top you can easily adjust the intensity. Many people prefer this method to pressing buttons for changing the sensitivity. This is a fairly affordable unit that takes standard AA Batteries. It features intensity protection so that when the mode changes to the intensity will automatically go down to zero and then it will work its way back up. It remembers the last settings you were using before you turned the unit off which is a handy feature. When you set the treatment timer it will count down the minutes and when it reaches zero it will automatically shut off. You can easily switch between waveform settings with the press of a button, it allows you to lock the settings in place so the parameters cant be adjusted, it also has a battery saver that turns the unit off after 5 minutes of no use. Price: $139

8-Masters Medical BioStim Plus TENS Unit
This is a nice unit with Dual channel variable pulse width and rate.
Three pulse modes - normal, burst and modulation. Comes with Pals self-adhering electrodes. Has superior wave-form and modulation. Masters Medical is a top provider of TENS units for Pain Management without the use of drugs. They also supply Muscle Stimulators and other supplies for TENS units like electrodes and leadwires. Masters Medical currently furnishes TENS and Muscle Stimulators to Pain Clinics, Physiotherapist, Hospitals and Government Departments as well as their patients. They have a large range of Electrodes and Leadwires for all your needs for your TENS and Muscle Stimulators. Masters Medical also keeps a large range of leadwires for all your older TENS units. Price: $153

7-Fuego TENS Unit with Heat Relief
Great little unit that combines heat and electrical stimulation for chronic pain relief. Dual channel uses 2 or 4 electodes, offers 9 treatment modes for waist, elbow, foot, shoulder, pound, push, press, knead, and auto. Includes 4 electrodes, A/C adaptor, carrying case, and 1 year warranty. Price: $126

6- LG DLX Digital Delux Tens Unit
Features 9 Preset Programs Parameters and 12 Modes of TENS Pulse Control in which to choose from for both pain treatment and comfort. The "LG-DLX" Delux Digital TENS Unit comes with a built in timer (30 minutes, 60 minutes, and continuous modes). Simply set the timer to make sure you are allowing consistant treatment times. The Intensity is adjustable from low to very high. The difference between the LG-DLX Delux TENS Unit and the others are the large variety of program parameters treatment modes. The more programs, the more settings to choose from for continuous pain relief and best response. The LG-DLX Delux TENS Unit is simple and easy to use. The LG-DLX Delux Digital TENS Unit comes complete with everything you will need for immediate and consistant use. The LG-DLX Delux Digital TENS Unit has 4 Electrode Pads and Includes: LG-DLX Delux TENS Unit with 9 Programs and 12 Modes Hard Carrying Case 4 Pre-Gelled Electrode Pads (just place on treatment area) 9 Volt Battery 40 Inch Lead Wires Simple Instuction Manual. Price: $59

5-Electrotherapy Dual Channel Tens Unit Pro-Tens With Timer
This is a dual channel unit with burst, normal or modulation modes and a timer. It comes with ten reusable electrodes and a carrying case.

Customers have been very pleased with this TENS unit and found it effective. Quote from one customer "Awesome product! Great for when the back is acting up, [or] tight and sore. This tens unit hits the spot right on, I love it!!!" Overall good value at around $30

4- Sonic Technology Tens Unit
The Sonic Tens is a pocket sized, portable, battery operated TENS unit. Features dual or single channel, burst or modulation mode, fully adjustable paramets, frequency, pulse adjustment duration and modulation modes. It has an adjustable timer and takes 9 volt battery (included!) Comes with carrying case, self adhesive pads, and a one year warranty. This is a nice little unit. Price: $69

3- Pro TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit.
This is the unit my wife uses. Why pay more when this one works great. It has a full 5 stars on Amazon so we are not the only ones that think it works great. It has 5 modes which allows for many variations of pain relief, a digital screen which makes it really easy to use, Includes carrying case, electrodes, wires, and battery is included! Price: $30

2- TWINSTIM PLUS Combination TENS Unit
Combonation Tens unit and Muscle Stimulator Unit is a small, pocket-sized, portable unit that can be worn as much as you would like for immediate and effective pain relief and/or Muscle Rehabilitation and Toning. This easy to use unit comes with 8 electrode pads, so you can treat various parts of the body at once. This is a powerful unit with intensity control. You can also customize the pulse width and pulse rate to the settings that acheive the best individual pain reduction and rehabilitation results. Some say this unit is just as powerful as those used in the clinics. Safe, effective, and easy to use - even with no experience. Simply place the "sticky" electrode pads on or around the area of pain and adjust the unit to the settings that feel the best for you. You will feel the pain reduction immediatly, within the first minute of usage. For some patients, the relief will last for days between uses, for others - they need to simply wear the unit daily. The nice thing is that you can use as needed because its portable so you can use this professional unit at much as you like - and when you need it the very most. Price: $119

1- LGMedSupply LG-7000 Digital TENS Unit.
Professional unit that is easy to use and safe. It is dual channel so you can use either four or two electrodes. The pulse rate, pulse width, and intensity is controlled by the base unit and the whole thing is battery operated to be used anywhere. Recommended to be used for twenty minutes a day for shoulder, neck, back, foot pain etc.There are five different modes including bursts, pulsing and graduated and intensity setting from 1 to 8. Price: $58