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Speech Therapy Degree Programs And Courses

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:19 am (437 views — 383 words)

The work of the speech pathologist is to support and render service to the individuals with speech disabilities. In addition, the speech therapists aim to work with mentally challenged people to their improve skills in language and communication. In fact, there are various speech therapy degree programs that an aspirant speech pathologists can choose from.

Actually, speech pathology career paths are now available for these aspirants. For those individuals who take the different speech therapy programs might attain a degree in speech pathology.

Bachelor's Degree in Speech Therapy. One must enroll in the bachelor's degree programs before becoming a certified and licensed speech therapist. After enrolling in bachelor's degree, one should attain the requirements for master's degree in the speech pathology. This is the important thing to consider before having licensed to practice the job. In this program, one will learn everything in order to the different speech disorders and treatment for the affected individuals. The coursework would include subjects like physiology, neurology, acquiring vocabulary, language, phonetics, developmental speech disorders, and dealing with different speech difficulties because of audio-logical disorders.

Master's Degree in Speech Therapy. A master's degree is another important program that one must consider. A “GRE score” is important to be included in the enrollment for master's degree program. The program course would include conducting research, teaching communication, medical diagnosis and management of speech disorders, a detailed study in language verbalization, in motor speech disorders, as well as phonetics. A licensed speech pathologist can earn more or less $63,000 as an average salary, but this would increase depending on the continuing educational level as well as clinical experience of the individual.

Associate's Degree in Speech Therapy. Associate speech therapy degree programs are also made available for those who would like to work as licensed speech pathologists' assistants. This is a two-year course program that needs a certain quantity of hours spent under a licensed speech therapist's guidance. A license is also a requirement before a person, who took the degree program, be able to go to work in the said field.

These are the different speech therapy degree programs one can choose from. In general, if one puts willpower and enthusiasm to complete the mentioned programs above, he or she would become one of the successful speech pathologists in no time.