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Understanding What Is Speech Pathology

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:19 am (499 views — 417 words)

Communication is considered to be one of the main parts of our lives. This is the best means to deliver our emotions and personal sentiments. Speech, at the same time, is very essential medium in relaying our thoughts, sentiments and opinions through spoken words. But some individuals may not attain the speech skills needed due to speech disorders.

What is speech pathology? This is a study of language and speech disabilities and abnormalities. This study is most used in making diagnosis and giving proper management for individuals with disorders in their speech, fluency, voice, communication, and language. Among the causes of disorders in speech would include developmental disabilities, hearing disorders, stroke, autism, and stuttering.

•Hearing disorder. A deaf individual doesn’t have the ability to perceive any sounds. If the sound is not heard so with uttered sound or spoken words. Additionally, hearing disorder means complexity hearing and perceiving spoken and uttered words. Many people with hearing impairment are now using hearing aids in order to hear and understand the words spoken by another individual.

•Developmental disabilities. These are just some of the defects since birth, which causes life long problems to a person. In addition, this is an inherited type of medical condition with often associated by mental retardation. The communication and speech skills are greatly affected due to these disabilities.

•Stuttering. This is one of the medical disorders that greatly affects the normal flow of the speech. Most of the individuals who has the condition may experienced repeated or prolonged words, syllables, or words.

•Stroke. This is a medical emergency that mostly affects the brain and could result to a sudden confusion;it may also develop incapability to understand speech and speak properly. This is usually common in elderly patients.

•Autism. This is a type of psychological disorder that affects children. Often times, children with autism experience difficulty in interacting and communicating with other children. In fact, there are cases of speech disorders are due to genetics, but the cause is unknown. Based on the statistics, 5% of the first grade have speech problems, and most of them are managed by speech pathologists given the fact that this what is speech pathology all about.

Knowing what is speech pathology all about greatly affects and help every person who have speech problems and disorders; one sure way to have their problems in speech corrected is to have them attend the class where speech therapists and speech pathologists are there to assist them in improving their needs for communication.