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A Top Choice: Stop Snoring Pillow

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:22 am (471 views — 315 words)

Theoretically, snoring may be said to be caused by two conditions: the occurrence of obstructions along the air passage that leads to the forcing down of air and the weakening and vibrating of soft tissues at the throat area. Sleeping on one’s back may also cause snoring as this positions makes the tongue to be pushed down the throat constricting the passage for air. Amazingly, it only takes a change in sleeping position for the use of a stop snoring pillow to address this.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of a stop snoring pillow. It was actually created to seek relief for symptoms of mild acid reflux and was seen to address snoring too. Ergomomic design was furthered to include other technical advancements to make it work to stop snoring. To make the airway free of obstruction, the design allowed the lower mandible or jaw to be slightly pushed forward. The pillow design also eases the pressure from the throat by aligning the head and neck. The design also helps in minimizing movement, but gives allowance by still providing support to jaw and mouth just in case movement happens.

Anti-snore pillows using materials other than foam are available nowdays. The use of brilliant innovations like the computerized stop snoring pillow which has an audible system detection works when the person snore and reacts by creating vibrations. The vibrations coming from the computerized stop snoring pillow alarm the snorer to seek a better position. There is an anti snore hotel in UK that uses a rare neodymium; this prevents palatal vibrations as well as opens up airways to prevent snoring.

A stop snoring pillow is a top choice among snorers because it makes a lot of sense, practical, safe, inexpensive and what can be more natural than sleeping on a pillow. The acid reflux pillow has evolved and the stop snoring pillow has arrived.