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Stop Snoring Naturally: The First Step

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 1:22 am (431 views — 379 words)

The sleeping subconscious can amazingly spin beautiful, rosy dreams when a soft melody plays in the background making one sleep better,hence,waking up revitalized. However, with snoring serving as the background, the opposite can be expected. Of what use is snoring when it cannot yield anything positive? Here are some ideas.

When snoring is not caused by anatomical deformities or physiological dysfunctions, practical and easy remedies are sufficient. To understand snoring is to know that it is caused by the vibration of soft tissues in the throat area coupled by the constriction of the airway. Understanding these surrounding information work most effectively to stop snoring naturally without going through tedious steps of medication and expense in quest of sleep and rest.

Checking one’s lifestyle should be the first thing to do. Some leading reasons are: poor eating habits leading to weight gain or obesity, smoking, alcohol and other substance abuse, unhealthy sleeping habits. Another leading cause is nasal congestion due to allergies or colds. These can all be regarded as temporary causes that may entail some natural remedies.
Stop snoring naturally may be tried using the tips given below:

*Exercise to firm up flabby muscles found in the neck and throat region.
*Exercise to lose weight and to burn the flab around the neck area to prevent constriction of airway and for general well being.
*Quit alcohol or other substances which has the same relaxing effect on the soft tissues of the throat.
*Stop smoking as it unduly causes congestion of the nasal cavity and that of the airway.
*Change the sleeping posture from the back to the side. Sleeping in a supine position can constrict the airway because of the tongue falling back into the throat.
*Sleep with more pillows can help clear air passage.
*Cleaning up and changing pillows can help in eradicating allergens that cause allergic reactions and nasal congestions.
*Hydrate the nose and soft palate by drinking more water to prevent the body fluids from getting stickier thus preventing congestion of the airway.

Natural and safe, one must try to stop snoring naturally for all its benefits before seeking more serious solutions. If these fail, try using gadgets. Be conscious, however, that snoring can be caused by an ailment hence seeing a doctor is still advisable.