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The Best Meditation Relaxation Techniques For You

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 11:14 pm (378 views — 406 words)

Among the easiest ways for you to have stress relief is no other than editation relaxation techniques. Many assume that meditation relaxation techniques are similar to conventional meditation, without knowing it's not like that. Actually, you can help your body muscles to relieve any kinds of tension and stress in an easier way.

Meditation relaxation technique starts with stretching your arms, hands, and feet. It is important to have a clear mind set first before starting any steps, and take a moment of time before you stand up. Massage your face since this will help your facial muscles to relax.

You can do this with the used of your two thumbs and two index fingers; push your eyebrows with your index fingers and push your cheeks down with your thumbs. Count one to ten before releasing it. Let the muscle in your eyes and cheeks to relax by releasing your index fingers and thumbs.

After clearing your mind and calming yourself from the tension you felt, for ten seconds move your head forward in the direction of your chest; this is to relax your neck. Then, drop your head slowly toward your left shoulder for approximately ten seconds. Drop it back, then for ten seconds, repeat the procedure to your right shoulder. Again, for at least 10 seconds, repeat the entire procedure until you feel that you have have already loosened up.

Have your fingers interlock together, then put then over your head. Have your elbows straighten and have your palms also turns upward. Take your arms at your back and feel any resistance on your shoulders. Draw your arms out from your back for at least 10 seconds then unlock and dangle your fingers to your sides.

For you to finish the entire procedure, have your head drop in the direction of your chest and slowly bend one vertebrae at a time, until your fingers is in top of your toes. Let your arms hang down loosely as you curve forward and breathe out simultaneously. Have your upper trunk relax and inhale slowly as you go back to your standing position. One more time, breathe out and shake everything loose. Afterwards, you should be feeling energized and relaxed.

In fact, there are several more meditation relaxation techniques, including those other practices like yoga. A lot of these methods don’t need prior relaxation experiences, so they’re really useful if you’re just learning the advantages of meditation.