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All About Tennis Elbow Surgery

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 11:21 pm (462 views — 395 words)

A large percentage of tennis players suffer from tennis elbow which is actually a painful condition. Common indications of tennis elbow are tenderness at the joints and weakening of the muscles that can hamper a person from doing normal tasks. In most cases, doctors prescribe over the counter medicines such as NSAIDs to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Temporary solutions include applying ice on the affected area can minimize swelling and pain. Rest is also advisable to prevent further complications from tennis elbow. Tennis elbow surgery is the last option when all other interventions have failed to address the condition.

Why tennis elbow surgery is done
Tennis elbow surgery is the last option especially is all the symptoms like pain and soreness persist for more than 6 months and all other methods have failed. Because of the condition, the person cannot normally perform daily activities that involves lifting and carrying objects. In many cases, doctors have administered corticosteroid injections but the person still feels pain. Tennis elbow surgery would then be the last option. There are two kinds of tennis elbow surgery, namely, traditional open surgery or arthroscopic surgery that inserts special instruments to repair the tendons. Commonly,an overnight stay at the health facility is adequate for recovery. Local or general anesthesia can be applied based on the doctor's advise. Arm movement should be minimized and patient needs to be very comfortable.
Disadvantages of tennis elbow surgery
After tennis elbow surgery, you may feel some loss of ability to straighten the arm. In fact, elbow pain can still be felt at some instances.Like any surgery, there could be infection, blood loss or nerve damage. There are cases where anesthesia produces side effects. Surely, the muscles are not as strong as it was since damage has already occurred.

Recovery from tennis elbow surgery-

If one wants to speed up healing from tennis elbow surgery, then the following suggestions are useful:

1. Avoid smoking since this delays the healing process of the wound
2. Undergo a physical rehabilitation program
3. Make some changes in activities or even temporarily stop from performing tasks that requires the use of the arm.

Indeed, tennis elbow surgery should be the last option when other methods have failed. It is a very invasive approach that comes with risks. As much as possible, avoid having a tennis elbow by not overstraining yourself from practice.