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Basic Tennis Elbow Cure for Anybody

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 11:21 pm (424 views — 392 words)

A large number of tennis players, especially beginners,frequently complain about pain resulting from too much exertion. Most of the time, players have to hit the ball a hundred times which causes repetitive stress leading to injury. In some situations, new tennis grip the racket in a wrong way that can cause tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a painful condition that can really prevent an individual in doing some simple tasks such as lifting or carrying objects. Pain starts from the forearm up to the wrists and often characterized by weakening of the muscles. If this happens, learning the fundamentals of tennis elbow cure could be very helpful to prevent the condition from worsening. Here are some fundamental tennis elbow cure that can be easily followed:

Rest. Rest is always the first option to prevent further worsening of any injury or condition. This advise can be very hard to follow for someone who play tennis all the time but rest is one of the best alternative to recover from injury. Swelling or tenderness often accompanies the pain so resting the affected area can help it heal naturally.

Ice. Fortunately,ice is free and available in our homes because this can hold off the pain and swelling for some time. Ice as a tennis elbow cure prevents works by slowing down blood circulation in the injured part. Inflammation is immediately controlled and the recovery process is greatly enhanced. However, ice cannot be directly applied to the skin so wrap in a towel and use for no more than ten minutes at a time.

Compress. Another possible tennis elbow cure is utilization of some form of assistive support such as brace or strap to hold the affected area. Also the movement of the tendons would be minimized thereby preventing more damage. The brace or strap cannot be used for a long period of time. Take them off when sleeping.

Medicines. Too much pain can be debilitating so another practical DIY tennis elbow cure would be to take non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs)which can also treat inflammation . Paracetamol and aspirin are commonly prescribed by doctors as long as you have no kidney impairment.

If any of these DIY tennis elbow cure does not work, the best solution would be to seek medical advice. Physical therapy maybe recommended by the doctor to finally complete the treatment.