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The Benefits of Using a Tennis Elbow Brace

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 11:21 pm (452 views — 390 words)

A large percentage of individuals who overuse a certain part of their body experience injuries. Frequently,individuals who have to utilize a hammer or screwdriver as part of their job would soon suffer from tennis elbow.

It is a common belief that tennis players are prone to tennis elbow when in fact, people whose daily tasks include gripping tools also be affected as much. Common indication of tennis elbow includes pain on the outer part of the elbow and elbow tenderness near the bone.

Most of the time, repetitive stress damages the muscles and tendons on the lateral aspect of the elbow which results to tennis elbow. It is but common for new tennis players to spent hours of practice which can lead to this injury. In most cases, a tennis elbow brace is often advised by physical therapists to hasten recovery from tennis elbow.

A tennis elbow brace is an assistive device that provides lateral counter-force to the magnitude of muscle contraction which decreases the degree of muscle tension. A tennis elbow brace is composed of inelastic material that further restrains movement of the muscles. However, once tennis elbow sets in, a person must still apply the RICE method.

R means rest to prevent further injury on the area.

The letter I means ice which is effective in controlling inflammation. Ice can also give relief from pain so the person can continue his daily activities.
Finally, CE means compression and elevation. The main function of tennis elbow brace is to compress the muscles. The healing process for tennis elbow is enhanced by elevating the affected area while using a tennis elbow brace.

If you are looking for tennis elbow brace,different brands offer many features which can be bought at medical supply stores. Some online sites offer tennis elbow brace with good features and different sizes. Acquiring a too large or too small tennis elbow brace can be inadequate in providing compression thus defeating the purpose. The point is to have the right amount of compression which is not too loose nor too tight at all. Sometimes, a tennis elbow brace has add-ons like a forearm splint which provides support to the forearm. Nevertheless, do not be too dependent on a tennis elbow brace since prolonged use is not advisable. Try to consult a physical therapist and follow the RICE method.