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Where To Get Free Pot Belly Pigs

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 11:25 pm (229700 views — 416 words)

If you want to avail of free pot belly pigs, you can adopt one from the animal shelter. The first potbelly pigs were imported in the 80s, their popularity reached sky high during the 90s when they were being imported from China and Vietnam by way of Canada. Everyone is so interested in owning a pair but they didn't have the patience and dedication in raising them so they just abandoned this lovely creatures in animal shelters and sanctuaries. After the enthusiasm subsides, people would realize that not everyone has the patience and dedication to take care of the potbelly pigs so they would just abandon their pets to shelters and sanctuaries. If you want to obtain free potbelly pigs, think hard first before bringing one home.

Potbelly pigs make ideal pets unfortunately only a few can be ideal pet owners. The are a variety of reasons why the pigs are left to their own means, one may be violation of zoning laws, or the pet owners are not really prepared to handle a special pet like a potbelly pig. If you are dead set in raising potbelly pigs as pets, you can try adopting them from sanctuaries and shelters. This entire free potbelly pigs require adoptive families and investing in them would surely result in positive gains.

The first thing you should do before availing free potbelly pigs is make sure that you adhere to zoning restrictions regarding ownership of these pigs. If you don't have any zoning problems then consult the list of shelters that NAPPA (North American Potbellied Pig Association) recommend.

The Internet and other websites are also great sources for obtaining free potbelly pigs. There are photos available and you can locate the listings near your region, view them and even read available biographies.

Pick a pot-bellied pig to adopt. Even though they're free potbelly pigs, you still need to pick a healthy piglet since they won't mature after three years old. Take the initiative to research on the pigs background, check its blood tests so you won't end up with a sick dog.

Fix your house so it can welcome the free potbelly pig. You can consult with a veterinarian about the potbelly pig's diet and nutrition so you would know what to feed them. Provide a place for them to root, play and waddle. These free potbelly pigs may be a handful at first but rest assured, in the long term, your investment would pay off to a fruitful relationship.