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What Do Potbelly Pigs Eat: Nutrition And Diet

Author Zizzur Staff. Published on October 17, 2011 - 11:25 pm (229802 views — 459 words)

When you have plans of owning a potbelly pig, you should take the necessary steps in learning what do potbelly pigs eat. If you want your potbelly pigs to grow up healthy and happy, you should provide them with a healthy and nutritious diet. The pigs’ appetite is so voracious that they would eat literally anything in their path just to satisfy their quest for food. This is one the reason why you should be in charge of what do potbelly pigs eat so you can select what type of healthy foods your pet should consume. For potbelly pigs to remain in condition, they should maintain a low-protein, low salt diet. The pigs yearn for snacks but you have to moderate what you feed them by avoiding sugary snacks and concentrating on proper and healthy in between meals treats.

To establish a basic foundation as to what do pot belly pigs eat, you should introduce them from the onset to quality pig chow or pig feed. These feeds have all the necessary nutrients in the pig’s diet yet you should still incorporate some more protein in their diet.

If you think fruits and vegetables are included in what do potbelly pigs eat, then you are on the right track. These add a semblance of variety to their daily meals.

Pigs should be fed twice a day. The young ones may have additional meals but the mature and older ones should stick to two a day so they won’t have the opportunity to be fat and obese that would cause health problems in the future.

If you observe their metabolism and level of activity, you would have a working idea on how much or how many would you feed your potbelly pigs. The good thing about pig chow is it comes with recommended serving size and it is up to your digression whether to add a few more servings depending on the pigs needs.

Another important thing besides having knowledge on what do potbelly pigs eat is to make sure they have ample supply of drinking water all the time. By drinking a lot of liquids, it is a way for them to cool down.

During their training period, they would be given treats for positive reinforcement, it is up to you to make sure that those treats should be healthy options. They should be prevented from consuming sugary snacks like molasses, sugar beet, or sugar cane.

Finally do not believe people when they say that you should starve the pig or restrict its food intake so it can maintain their small stature. Underfeeding your pet pig is animal cruelty and whoever does it or suggests it to you should have a serious talk with the veterinarian or the authorities.