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Free Plants - Online Plants and Seeds for Free?

Author C. Sanders. Published on May 25, 2011 - 7:23 pm (1349 views — 373 words)

There seems to be numerous websites claiming to give away plants for free, from vegetebles, shrubs, to trees. The idea is very honorable, and has attracted the attention of all the people that love a good solid free gift, but when they ask you to pay S&H charges, that takes all the fun of "free" out of it, right?

After searching through several website that claimed to give away plants for free, we have only found one for you to try.


FreePlant did not ask us for shipping and handling. They only required you to register, and only make one request per day. Of course it is unknown if the plant we chose will show up in our mailbox, or not.

Other Free Plant Ideas

There are numerous plants that can be grown off of an already mature plant from a small clipping. Small clippings add up to a lot of free mature plants, and it is very easy to do. A small section a few inches long is all you need.

19 Easiest Plants to Grow From Clippings

* Angel's Trumpet
* Aster
* Azalea
* Boxwood
* Butterfly Bush
* Camellia
* Chrysanthemum
* Dianthus
* Gardenia
* Geranium
* Honeysuckle
* Hydrangea
* Jade Plant
* Lavender
* Penstemon
* Rose
* Rosemary
* Salvia
* Veronica

Simply cut a small piece of the stem, gently remove all but the top few leaves, insert it into a cup of water or moist sand, and in no time you have roots growing.

Local Garden Shops

Talk to local garden shops and ask them if they will save plants that they are going to throw out. You might score several free additions to your garden that way.

Curb Hopping

People are always thinning out their garden, or changing themes. It is not unusual to find dozens of plants sitting on the curb waiting for the garbage man to come and take them away.


People have been known to volunteer keeping local gardens cleaned up, in exchange for clippings and thinnings. You might end up with more free plants than you know what to do with!

This article will be updated, as verified sources for 100% free plants surface.