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Can A Raw Foods Diet Help You Stop Smoking?

Author Dyan Ferguson. Published on October 20, 2011 - 6:30 pm (1713 views — 433 words)

Raw food diets seem to be a big craze lately with many people searching to improve their health and well being. Not only do they provide fiber which many people's standard American diet lacks but they are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that our bodies thrive on.

It's well known that most of the vitamins are significantly reduced or even eliminated when we cook our food but what about the enzymes? When heat is applied to food the enzymes are killed. Done for. Finito. You get the point. We no longer have a "live" food.

It has been reported that smokers who switch to a raw foods diet or who consume at least 80% of their daily foods in raw form as nature provided, have had great results in kicking the habit. Most of them were not using the diet as an aid to stop smoking but simply quit spontaneously. Wow! Talk about fringe benefits! They reported greatly reduced cravings for nicotine and some even reported a revulsion to cigarettes. A few kept smoking simply out of habit but stated that the cigarettes didn't seem to hold the same appeal or give the same sensation as prior to the diet. Another bonus is that the typical weight gain experienced by most people when they stop smoking did not occur with this diet and most even lost excess weight.

Just exactly what is it about the diet that would make a lifetime, hard core, pack or more a day smoker suddenly quit without even trying? Most likely the answer has to do with the live enzymes in the food. Or could it be not only what we have added to our diet but partially what we have eliminated by replacing it with raw foods? I'm sure there are articles out there somewhere that explain the science behind this. Scientific explanations are great and can be very valuable when you can take a little time to do a little in depth reading in regards to how the human body reacts to what we feed it, and the effects that it has on our overall being. This, however, is simply a report on the findings that might possibly help anyone who is a smoker and wants to not only quit smoking but also to improve their overall health through nutrition.

So grab some fresh fruit and veggies and start munching. In a few days you will start to feel renewed in body and mind, have more energy, have better digestion and probably even end up trashing that last partial pack of those expensive smokes.