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Play Jumpers for Goalposts 1, 2, 3, & 4!

Author J. Davis. Published on May 26, 2011 - 9:49 pm (39515 views — 677 words)

Jumpers for Goalposts from is an exciting game that allows players to play out the life of a real pro football (soccer) player. It's free to play and many people love it! Mousbreaker has made 3 different versions of the game and there is rumored to be a 4th in the making. We promise to keep an eye out for any information about part 4.

Jumpers for Goalposts 1
In this game you have 10 years to make it as a footballer, the player starts off in the back yard and tries to make it all the way to the world cup, you get the opportunity to master snapshots, penalties, and volleys, different clubs will make you offers to come play for them in an 11 week season, the better you are the more money you will make, by keeping the media happy you will raise your clout so that different clubs will take notice, you will be able to get a girlfriend, buy cars, houses, etc to impress people. The more things you own at the end of your career the better!
To play:

Jumpers for Goalposts 2
In this one you still have 10 years to master the sport of football (soccer), the ultimate goal is to make it to the world cup finals, you have to master volleys, snapshots, and penalties, you can play in 11 week seasons, earn money to buy nice things and increase your clout to get more girlfriends, etc but there are many new skills to learn like passing, heading, and turn&shoot. There are also 14 new girlfriends you can try to impress.

To play:

Jumpers for Goalposts 3
In this one you will learn to master 7 different football skills. There are random events you must deal with. You can hire agents and even superagents to represent you. You can work your way up to the premiership and become rich and famous, get a trophy girlfriend, buy fast cars and huge houses. Make the front and back pages, etc. If you like the game of football you will LOVE Jumpers for Goalposts 3!

To play:

Jumpers for Goalposts 4
Stay tuned for information about Jumpers for Goalposts 4! As of April 11th 2011 there has been no release date set for the game. As soon as one is set we will report back.

Here is the official answer from Mousbreaker about a 4th installment: "We've actually never announced a release date for Jumpers for Goalposts 4 - there seems to be a rumour on the web that it would be released this month, but I'm afraid that's not true. We'll announce a date officially on the blog and Facebook groups when we know."

Here is the link to their Facebook group:

What does jumpers for goalposts mean?
It's a football (soccer) expression, for when people are just playing casually and don't have goals, so they take off their jumpers to use instead. It does work well, even when the ball is in mid air it is still possible to judge if it would have made the post if it was taller, and the crossbar is judged subjectively.

What is a jumper?
A jumper is a pullover sweater also called a Jersey or Guernsey. It is a garment that covers the arms and torso. It is usually worn over a t-shirt but can be worn alone as a top. They can be made of wool, cotton or synthetic fibers or a combination. If you're wondering, there is absolutely no difference between a "jumper" and a "sweater" it's just a matter of where you live. In the UK you might hear someone say "Put your jumper on, it's cold outside"

Videos featuring trainers and cheat codes for Jumpers for Goalposts.