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1000 Games - Online Flash Games, and 1000 Games in Sports History

Author J. Davis. Published on May 26, 2011 - 10:48 pm (1842 views — 581 words)

Many people like to play flash, puzzle, or time waster games while at work. Many workplaces are blocking these sites for security reasons so I will attempt to list a few of the sites that offer these for free in hopes you can find one that is not blocked. Flash games or online games are played over the internet. There is nothing to download and they are relatively safe. The webmasters provide them for free in order to get the ad revenue from the page impressions they get while you are playing.

The popularity of flash and java led to an internet revolution where websites use streaming video for a new set of user interactivity. It was after Microsoft started including flash preinstalled that the internet began its shift from an information spectrum to an entertainment spectrum. There are now thousands of sites offering games to web surfers.

Online gaming is not to be confused with gambling it is a mechanism for connecting players to video games.

As the internet developed and browsers became more complex people started to create many different simple single player games using html, flash, and java. These games are wildly popular so I will list some great websites where you can play 1000games.
Andkon arcade featuring 1000 free flash games categorized by action, puzzle, and sports. Site includes instructions for each game.
1000 web games allows you to play free games updated weekly.
Games categorized by action, adventure, board games, casino, dress up and driving.
The ultimate free online games collection.
Simply the best place to play free online games.

1000 Games in Sports

There have been a total of 264 players in the NHL to play in 1000 games or more. Gordie Howe played in 1767! 23 of the 264 players did it playing for the same team their entire career! 4 of them did it playing for the Montreal Canadians exclusively, the most of any team. Only Joe Sakoc and Shane Doan have played for only one team in two different cities. The record for most teams played for by a player who has played in over 1000 games is Mike Sillinger who played for 12 teams in his career. Patrick Roy and Martin Broduer are the only goaltenders with at least 1000 games played.

Mariano Rivera is the only Major League baseball player to play 1000 games for the same team, playing for the Yankees. Rivera debuted as a pitcher in the majors in 1995. He has 600 saves in his 1000 game career and has helped his team reach 15 post season berths including 5 world series titles. He has a career ERA of 2.0, he has issued only 270 walks and has 1067 strikeouts. He is remembered as the last active player to wear number 42.

In February of 2011 The Chicago Bulls Kurt Thomas became the 96th player to play in 1000 games. And only the 12th active player to reach that feat. This is an elite club of players including Jason Kidd, Shaquille ONeal, Kevin Garnet, Juwan Hower, Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Steve Nash, Tim Duncan, Joes Smith, and Ben Wallace. Thomas talked about the key to his longevity.

Spending the time here all season, getting my body right, getting my mind right, and getting in the gym, getting on the court and spending time with my family thats the biggest thing