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David's House - Dartmouth and Hitchcock Medical Center Hospitality Home

Author J. Davis & C.Sanders. Published on May 27, 2011 - 9:53 pm (2086 views — 623 words)

Who would have thought that one sick childs dream will continue to be a legacy, helping hundreds of parents across the country solve the problem of homelessness while their children were undergoing treatments in a faraway hospital? This was David Cyr's dream, and even if he did not live long enough to see it come to fruition, many parents and families are grateful at how this innocent boy's wish has helped better the condition of children and parents who have experienced what he and his family went through during his difficult treatment days.

Here are a few facts about the beginnings of David's House and how it has become one of the largest programs that provide support to families of children who are seeking treatment from Children's Hospital at Dartmouth and Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Humble Beginnings

When 2 year-old David Cyr was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia in 1981, the Cyr family had to endure days, even weeks, of sleeping in their car and hospital waiting rooms while attending to their ailing son. David was a loving child, and he understood the pains of other children who were staying in the hospital. He continually asked his parents to let him bring his friends home, but David was almost always sick and had to stay in the hospital.

When he passed away in 1984, the Cyr family intended to keep their promise to young David. They let families with similar conditions into their home to stay so they can live comfortably while attending to their children. Today, David's House is known as a support program which offers "a home away from home", to families whose child or children are receiving treatment from these local hospitals.

People They Have Helped

David's House, in its 25 years of experience, has a lot of success stories about families they have helped through their most difficult times. An example of this is the story of Cathy Staszczyk, whose daughter was injured in a snowboarding trip in New Hampshire while they were in New Jersey, about 6 hours away. David's House accommodated them and assisted them while waiting for their daughter to recover from her delicate spine fracture. A year has passed since these events occurred, and the Staszczyk family is still grateful to David's House for helping them get through that trying and painful time.

Affiliates and Partners

David's House does not receive its funding from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. They rely on donations to continue their project. Any family whose child or children are seeking treatment at the DHMC or CHaD can find shelter at the home while waiting for their children to be released from the hospital. The project survives through voluntary donations, they ask for a $20 donation from families staying in the home, though no one is ever turned away for inability to pay. They also rely on donations from people who believe in the project and are willing to donate a small amount to keep it going.

If you would like to know more about Davids House, would like to become a volunteer, or donate, please visit their official website.

David's House by Billy Arnold

Billy Arnold, an American country music singer in Nashville, TN has been inspired for many years by the works of David's House, and makes a yearly visit to perform music for children and families.

He wrote an inspiring song called "David's House" which has touched the lives of many. You can listen to this song below using the YouTube player. For more music by Billy Arnold, visit