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Build a Bearville Online Game and Workshop.

Author J. Davis. Published on May 28, 2011 - 1:25 pm (3640 views — 862 words)

Build a Bearville! A community website associated with the Build A Bear Workshop stores. It is a very fun place for kids to play and they dont even have to own a bear, in fact there is no purchase required!

When you go into any Build a Bear store and purchase an animal it will have a code that will let you receive that virtual animal on build a bearville also.

You also get an avatar, and choose how your body looks! You also get a condo, but you have to own an online animal.

Build-A-Bear Workshop friendship adventures is a fun and safe online world.

It is an extension of their in-store experience which enhances the traditional play patterns kids have with their stuffed animals, encouraging creativity, imagination, socialization, self-expression, self esteem and personal development. Signing up is FREE and there are no membership fees to enjoy the exclusive benefits of being a Build-A-Bearville citizen

Most importantly Build-A-Bearville is committed to providing a fun and safe online experience for kids of all ages, primarily 6 - 14.

About Build-A-Bearville
Build A Bearville is an online community where anyone can make an avatar to chat and play games. Some things you need to unlock with an actual stuffed animal purchased in the store, like your Cub Condo. You can go to your local Build-A-Bear Workshop and enter your number code and your ID number and you'll unlock a virtual bear, you'll get 2,000 Bear Bills, and you'll get your Cub Condo. But if you want to unlock everything, you will need credits. You can get credits at any Build-A-Bear Workshop, just enter your receipt code after purchase.

Build-A-Bearville is a website for kids of all ages, where you have lots of fun 'building a bear' and changing its appearance, color and various features. You can give it a name and keep it in your virtual backpack, it's your Bear and very unique. is a fun virtual website for kids of all ages! If you visit the Build-A-Bear Workshop you get a birth certificate for your bear and you can register them online to have your furry friend with you all the time! If you get a receipt you can type the receipt code in to get bear credits. You can also enter any other codes that you may find along the way! Your furry friend will stay in your backpack and you can change your look. You can also pay for a membership called being a V.I.B (Very Important Bear).

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a retailer headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri Founded by Maxine Clark in 1997 that sells stuffed animals, primarily teddy bears. At build a bear you can go through an interactive process where the stuffed animal of your choice is assembled and customized during your visit. Build a Bear is the largest chain that operates in this fashion. The company has been acclaimed for the quality of its working environment, especially as a workplace for teenagers.

The company's motto is "Where Best Friends Are Made"

Build a Bear opened its first store in the Saint Louis Galleria in 1997. By 2007, the store had sold over 50 million bears and had over 400 stores in operation worldwide

The majority of Build-A-Bear stores are located in shopping malls; there are also five stores in Major League Baseball stadiums.

In 2006, the company acquired The Bear Factory from Hamleys and began operating in its flagship store in London.

Build-A-Bear has also engaged in various charities, including the WWF Collecti-bear series which has given over $1 million to theWorld Wildlife Fund. As part of its tenth birthday celebration, the company built 11 playgrounds throughout the USA and Canada in partnership with KaBlam! and announced that it had given over $11 million to various child and family causes since 1997. The store also hosts an event called "Stuffed For Hugs Weekend" in May, in which guests at Build-a-Bear are given the opportunity to stuff a pre-selected animal for charity. There is a similar weekend that occurs in late October known as "The Spirit of Giving" in which guests can make stuffed ghosts. A Build-A-Bear Workshop video game was developed by The Game Factory and released for the Nintendo DS for Christmas 2007.

Build-A-Bear has also created several tie-in stuffed animals for various promotional events, including a toy The Cat in the Hat, a toy Shrek, a toy Cody Maverick penguin from Surf's Up, a toy Mumble from Happy Feet, a toy E.B. from Hop, a Jonas dog and a Wizards of Waverly Place bear. Build-A-Bear workshop has also released several lines of miniature toys included in Happy Meals at McDonald's, running first in May 2006 followed by a second promotion in August 2007 and a third in October 2009. These were only available in McDonald's in America.

In 2010, in honor of the Sanrio company's 50th anniversary, Build-A-Bear released limited edition Sanrio characters, including Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Keroppi. This even included the release of mini keychains of the four characters along with Deery Lou. In 2010, Build-A-Bear also started selling Zhu Zhu Pets, a line of electronic hamsters by Cepia LLC.