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Stone Age Kings | Free Strategy Game | Soldier or Settler, You're the Chief!

Author J. Davis. Published on May 29, 2011 - 1:41 pm (4035 views — 991 words)

Stone Age Kings is a free to play strategy game that can be played on your browser. In Stone Age Kings you are the chief of your village in prehistoric times and you have to decide the villages fate. You can turn your small village into a powerful kingdom, use your talents wisely, fight your enemies on your own or with allies, send spies to investigate enemy villages and ultimately become a worthy Stone Age King!

Go back thousands of years in time and establish an ancient empire, through trade, combat, and more. The citizens of the ancient world are looking for their next leader.

Stone Age Kings is free to play and is set in the uncivilized time of the Stone Age. The online game puts you in charge of your very own ancient community, which through several tactics you can expand it into a large civilization. Using ancient weaponry such as clubs, slingshots and spears, you must overthrow your enemies in your bid to become the King of the Stone Age. By growing your village and recruiting new units, you considerably increase your chance of victory.

There are four units in Stone Age Kings that can be used in battle, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The first of these is called the Club Swinger, whose courage, club-wielding skills and hunger for battle makes them an excellent choice for the frontline. The next of these units is the Stone Shooter, who uses the brute force of massive stones to destroy enemies from afar. The Stone Shooter makes for an excellent support unit to the Club Swingers. The third unit is the immensely powerful Lancer, whose skills include both offensive and defensive actions. Using the power of the spear, the Lancer can ward off enemies at a close distance, or simply surround your village for protection from enemy onslaught. The last of these units is the Catapult, which can be used to relentlessly hound your opponents with over-sized heavy rocks.

In Stone Age Kings you must also construct a variety of strong and practical dwellings. These include a main building; storage caves, merchant stalls, and even a sacrificial alter. Additionally, military dwellings such as army barracks, stables, and a strong wall to surround your village are crucial to the success and longevity of your empire. Summon your courage, head to the battlefield and bring down any opponents in your way in your bid to become the ultimate leader.

English Version of Stone Age Kings!

Stone Age Kings will be available in English! Publishers, Gorilla Gaming, were excited to announce the launch of not only the game, but a new site and forum.

Now available to the English speaking players, Stone Age Kings challenges you to use your strategy and tactics to construct an kingdom through willpower and determination.

In addition to the launch of Stone Age Kings in English, the team has built a website for the game as well as a forum. Ask other players for tips, share your knowledge or strategy and consult a GM for support in the Forum. View screenshots, take a tour of the game or view the awards it has already received for the German version on the website.

Stone Age Kings is a browser strategy game where you start as a small tribe and a few huts. Building up your village into a large kingdom is the name of the game. Make friends and allies with surrounding players or take them on in battle. Fighting with spears, sticks and stone you clash with others to make sure your tribe is on top.

Hide the Children and the Livestock! The Barbarians Are Coming!

A new twist is coming to the free-to-play, pre-history strategy game StoneAgeKings. Publishers of the game, Gorilla Gaming, have announced that in mid-April, a large Barbarian attack is going to take place and add new challenges for you to face as a Stone Age King.

The maker has been planning to bring new challenges with the face of the Barbarian group in April. StoneAgeKings is going to get an update that will introduce these brutes as computer players to give you someone else to keep you alert.

The Barbarian Invasion will be controlled by the computer and function much like a normal, human player. However, we know for sure that the Barbarians are never going to cheat! That guarantees strategic game play without any nasty surprises.

Of course, there are many rules that will keep the Barbarians in check and prevent them from attacking you 100 times a day. For starters, they are going to be slowly introduced into the game play, giving you the chance to become familiar with them before they are roaming all over the world!

Second English Server Put Online

In response to the growing number of players since the recent launch of the English version of Stone Age Kings, a second English server has been opened. Gorilla Gaming, online games publisher and developer, launched the server to prevent overcrowded worlds in the future.

It can certainly be frustrating when trying to play an overpopulated game, right? Well, if you play Stone Age Kings and have been getting the creeping feeling of "too many people", you don't need to worry anymore. Gorilla Gaming has launched the second English server, which should take care of any population problems in the future and give you a fresh start as well. This comes as a pleasant surprise as the first English server was just launched just over a month ago.

Stone Age Kings is a free-to-play browser game that challenges you to use your strategy and create a Stone Age empire, one stick at a time. You are the chieftain of a small village and you must build it up by upgrading your structures and conquering your neighbors. Recruit troops to take the land that should rightfully belong to you and prove that you are the mightiest chief around!