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Puffgames - Most Popular Games from

Author J. Davis. Published on June 1, 2011 - 9:01 pm (5609 views — 444 words)

Many people like to play flash, puzzle, or time waster games while at work. Many workplaces are blocking these sites for security reasons is one that I've found that gets by the work filters also known as Proxies (proxy.)There is nothing to download and they are relatively safe. The Puffgames provides them for free in order to get the ad revenue from the page impressions they get while you are playing.

The popularity of flash and java led to an internet revolution where websites use streaming video for a new set of user interactivity. It was after Microsoft started including flash preinstalled that the internet began its shift from an information spectrum to an entertainment spectrum. There are now thousands of sites offering games to web surfers.

Online gaming is not to be confused with gambling it is a mechanism for connecting players to video games.

As the internet developed and browsers became more complex people started to create many different simple single player games using html, flash, and java. Puffgames are wildly popular. Below I will list some of the most popular games on

Mass Mayhem 3: The point of this game is to just run around with guns and see how many people you can kill.

Call of Bieber: In this game you are Justin Bieber in the scene from CSI where he gets shot. Your job is to see how many cops you can kill before they kill you. When you die it actually shows a clip of the live action scene from where Bieber gets killed in the show.

Rocket Toilet: A man, sitting on a toilet, with a rocket on it. Your job is to use the mouse curser to aim and fire the rocket toilet...

Ricochet Shot: The goal of this game is to kill all your enemies with your gun by making a perfect angle and by taking a right shot.

Skull Kid: In this game you're just a guy walking around with a chainsaw, sawing through everything, including people.

Bubble Shooter: Extremely fun and addictive puzzle game where you have to match up the colors of the bubbles.

Mario's Adventure 2: As the name suggests another adventure with Mario.

Matrix Fighting: The title says it all. You're Neo and you have to fight agents.

Boneless Girl: Honestly the weirdest game I've ever seen in my life. You use your mouse to guide a very flexible half naked blonde girl with no bones as she falls down through what looks like a bunch of bubbles... that's it!