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Grain Free Organic Dog Food | No More Fillers, Just The Good Stuff

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 10, 2011 - 2:16 am (971 views — 373 words)

Using grains in dog food is not uncommon. However, the problem is that low-grade grains such as corn meal, corn, rice and barley are often found in commercial dog foods. You will still find variants that contain certain grains even if these are organic dog foods that are available in the market today.

Not that all grains are created equal or are bad to your dog's health. It is ideal that you check which grain is used to help prevent allergic reactions and other possible diseases. Overall, it is highly-recommended to provide your pet with grain free organic dog food.

Grain free organic dog food may not be as pleasing to some pet owners because of the price. They may cost a little higher than the typical organic dog foods out there as well. It can be true for the most parts, but think about the benefits that your pet can get from grain free organic dog food:

Easily digestible and stomach-friendly - The lack of grains in this type of dog food allow the fruits and vegetables to work properly in providing dietary fiber. Starchy grains such as white rice and corn may cause your pet to become obese or bloated in some occasions.

More nutrients for your pet - Due to their lack of nutrients, grains in dog foods are also referred to as fillers. Although they make your pets full after every meal, they don't get enough nutrition from these ingredients as well. By choosing to feed your pet grain free organic dog food, you are securing that it will only get real nutrients and not just junk.

Lesser to zero carbohydrates - Dogs are carnivores and they need meat more than anything else. With grains, your pet will only get carbohydrates which in turn become sugar when processed by the body. Feeding your dog with less grain content, the more nourished it will be.

Your pet will get other benefits from eating grain free organic dog food. Once you start feeding your pet continuously, you will surely see the difference. And you don't have to worry too much about the price since your dog is towards a healthier path, you don't have to make unnecessary visits to the vet.