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Varieties Of Heirloom Organic Tomato Seed

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 10, 2011 - 2:40 am (873 views — 387 words)

Tomatoes are among the most common vegetables grown in backyard gardens. These days, numerous gardeners prefer to plant heirloom organic tomato seeds because they do not contain any chemicals. Organic tomato seeds are USDA-certified and indicated on their labels to make sure that they were grown from chemical-free soil and that they were not exposed to toxic pest and disease techniques. These tomato seeds are also not subjected to genetically-modified materials such as those used in production, cleaning, shipping and storing.

Knowing several varieties of organic tomatoes can help you determine what's ideal to cultivate in your garden.

Black Krim - This variant is among the heirloom beefsteak organic tomato varieties. This tomato has a dark red to dark maroon skin, and it came from the Isle of Krim. Black Krim organic tomato seeds germinate within 6 to 8 days when the temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit and above. It is an indeterminate tomato variety that grows continuously until frost. This is a prolific producer which requires 90 days before you can harvest.

German Queen - This is also a beefsteak tomato variant with firm, red flesh, as well as a sweet and rich flavor. The German Queen organic tomato seeds germinate within 10 days and mature within 85 days. The dry seeds are saved for the preceding year's spring planting. This variant grows indeterminate erect vines that have potato-like leaves.

Paul Robeson - This is a purple-red variety of organic tomato with deep, full flavor and a balanced sweet and acid taste. The Paul Robeson tomato seeds germinate within 19 days and they mature in 75 days. It is also an indeterminate tomato variant that grows constantly until the first autumn frost.

Zapotec - This is a peculiar organic tomato variant which came from the southern part of Mexico. The fruit is deeply pleated and has pink to deep red color. The Zapotec has earthy and rich flavor. You can purchase this organic tomato variant from specialty heirloom growers. The seeds require 8 days to germinate and 80 days to mature. The plant proliferates in well-draining soil with mature compost.

It is not that hard to grow heirloom organic tomatoes in your own garden. Using heirloom organic tomato seeds and a good amount of info, you too can succeed at tomato gardening in your own backyard.