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Organic Tomato Sauce - A Healthy And Delicious Addition To Your Dishes

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 10, 2011 - 2:43 am (881 views — 369 words)

Many people are becoming conscious of what they eat. Some eat only white meat, other go vegetarian, and some prefer organic. Organic tomato sauce is among the best organic foods that are highly available and at the same time easy to make at home.

Organic tomato sauces in cans are available in the supermarket for roughly $1 to $3. You'll find several expensive varieties that are imported and contain various spices as well. Make sure that you check the label when you purchase from the supermarket. Make sure that there are no preservatives, artificial flavoring and additives in the ingredients.

If you rather make your own organic tomato sauce at home, you should choose ripe tomatoes from your garden or from an organic veggie shop. You can add flavorful spices such as black and cayenne pepper; herbs such as basil, garlic and oregano; and a pinch of salt for added flavor. In a pot, cook the peeled or unpeeled tomatoes until they break down, over moderate heat. If you want a smoother sauce, you can puree the cooked tomatoes in a food processor. There are so many ways to use this sauce. It's great for pasta, pizza, stews, soups and other home-made dishes.

You'll often hear from most folks who choose organic tomato sauce that it has better flavor compared to regular tomato sauce. The secret to that is the slow growing process of the tomato plants and the nutrients that helped develop the fruit. You can taste the difference because there is no chemical-based fertilizer and pesticide that can degrade the natural flavor of tomatoes. The slow cooking process is also an added factor that enhances the flavor of the sauce. For a more concentrated and flavorful sauce, some people recommend to cook it over low heat for several ours.

Making organic tomato sauce is a great addition to organic tomato gardening. You can make huge batches and give them to your guests as gifts, or sell them to the local folks.

Getting loads of beneficial nutrients is the best thing about organic tomato sauce. Aside from having organic and natural food on your table, you'll also have a supply of vitamins A and C, lycopene and antioxidants.