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Golden Arowana Fish | Endangered Species | Good Luck Charm

Author C. Sanders. Published on June 15, 2011 - 9:56 pm (4916 views — 828 words)

Arowana fish come in different colors and breeds and it may be identified through its origins. Arowanas can be found in South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. The different colors that distinguish them from each other are red, silver, green and gold. The red and gold arowana fish are the most expensive and highly collected breed; unfortunately, they have become scarce due to their high demand and over fishing in their habitat. The countries where golden arowana fish can be commonly found are Malaysia, Sumatra, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Asian Arowana is another name that can be used for the Golden Arowana fish. CITES has placed the golden arowana fish on the endangered specie list so if you have plans of importing and shipping them, you should take extra care so as not to have any legal complicaitons. Be also on the lookout for genuine golden arowana fish. You should have at least gainful knowledge on how to distinguish a golden arowana fish.

You can already detect the original color of the golden arowana fish in its early age. The fish’s upper portion already has a gold-tinted hue. Once the fish begins to age, the color then will spread to the other scales but the shade of the color also fades. The scales of the golden arowana fish are disarrayed so their overall look may not be that impressive compared to the red ones.

The golden arowana fish can reach a maximum length of 36 inches. A good stable diet for this particular fish includes healthy guppies, gold fish, frogs, and frozen shrimp. The aquarium temperature should be kept between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the pH level of the water should be between 7.0 and 7.5 (neutral/non-acidic).

There are a lot of superstitious people who believe in the mythical qualities of the golden arowana fish, which is why breeders prefer raising them. They believe that the golden arowana brings in fortune and prosperity and at the same time it can be a counter charm against misfortune and bad luck that it is willing to sacrifice its life so that the owner can avoid any accidents or misfortune.

This is perhaps why people yearn for the golden arowana fish, besides it beauty, it carries a mythical quality. It is an expensive gift from nature and unfortunately only a few can afford to enjoy its beauty.

Arowana Fish Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the fish play a prominent role when it comes to wealth and good fortune. There are different varieties of fish such as the flower horn, dragon carp, gold fish and of course the arowana fish that are depicted in paintings, pictures and even figurines whose sole purpose is to attract wealth and prosperity. The Chinese have correlated symbols and its values in connection with the natural world. Arowana fish in Feng shui plays a great significance in the fortunes of its owners.

The arowana fish in feng shui is the most powerful and popular fish. The name "Kam Lung Yue" means Golden Dragon fish, a reference to the arowana by the Chinese. They often point out the close resemblance of the dragon to the arowana with the large shiny scales, distinct and brilliant coloration, noticeable chin barbels and the serpentine swimming style. The legendary ability of the Dragon to ward off evil and attract luck and happiness has been transferred to the arowana fish.

The Arowana fish feng shui symbol is usually seen as biting a coin in its mouth over a bed of coins. The arowana fish as a feng shui symbol depicts various characteristics like supremacy, prosperity, wealth and power. The arowana fish feng shui can also act as a countercharm against evil and misfortune. The arowana fish feng shui provides motivation and energy for the owner to keep on looking for other means of income and wealth, and even a raise in pay.

The Feng Shui Arowana fish is very popular amongst businessmen. The arowana fish feng shui is believed to be by tycoons as a magnet for riches. It is a harbinger of positive energy and many people swear that the arowana fish feng shui figurines or the lives fishes in the aquarium in the offices play a major role in their wealth.

Feng shui is an ancient art that has been practiced for thousands of years. Feng shui tries to locate the right elements in living spaces. Feng shui tries to balance the two opposing forces to create a positive aura where people can inhabit, and prosper in peace. One-Way to produce this positive effects is the union of water and the dragon fish.

The arowana is truly a majestic creature that only a few can afford, so despite alluding to the live arowanas and other arowana fish feng shui figurines as the cause of their prosperity, the mere fact that they can afford to buy live arowana fishes is a testament to qualities of the fish and feng shui.